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The services we provide include Climate and Ventilation systems, Reconversion of Climate and Refrigeration, Substitutes for refrigerant R-22, Industrial cooling, Integral Maintenance and Engineering.

We have a long-standing tradition as experts in the field of Integral Maintenance of facilities and buildings, specializing in:

- Programmed-preventative Maintenance.
- Corrective and Technical-Legal Maintenance
- Research and studies for the improvement of installations and its performance.
- Energy-Control and Energy Saving.

TECNO-CLIMA 2003 provides Integral Maintenance services for hospitals, clinics and living residences; office buildings; educational and cultural centers, such as universities and colleges; convention centers and public buildings; hotels, supermarkets, restaurantes, malls, recreational parks; real-estate properties; apartment complexes; and aeronautical facilities.

Our Technical Department is always available to answer all your questions.